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Experience the ultimate in freedom and camaraderie at Splash’s highly anticipated Naturist Day – No Towels Tuesday – exclusively for men! 🎉 #NaturistDay #LeicesterGaySauna #EastMidlandsGaySauna #MensEvent #NoTowelsTuesday

Embrace your body confidence and promote a positive self-image as we say no to body shaming and a big yes to celebrating men of all shapes and sizes. 👏❤️ #BodyPositive #MenOnly #NaturistDay #NoBodyShaming #AllSizesWelcome

Splash is thrilled to invite you to our bustling and vibrant event, where we embrace the natural state of being – completely towel-free! This unique gathering is perfect for those who cherish the liberating experience of socialising au naturel with like-minded gentlemen. 🕺🎈 #NoTowelsAllowed #BestMensEvent #BodyPositive

From the moment you step in, we’ve got you covered (well, just a little)! You’ll receive a petite face cloth to dab away any perspiration, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the event. And not to worry – when it’s time to freshen up, you can grab a regular towel at the reception as you head for a shower before you bid us farewell.

Splash is renowned for being a safe space to meet other men, where nudity is celebrated across the entire premises. And come Tuesday, we take it up a notch – nudity becomes the dress code! So, mark your calendars, let your hair down, and get ready to see and be seen in an atmosphere filled with energy, laughter, and freedom! 💃🥳 #NudityIsCompulsory #CelebrationOfFreedom #SafeSpace

Join us for the best Men’s Naturist Day around, and let’s make it a Tuesday to remember! 🌟 #SplashNaturistDay #JoinTheFun #CelebrateFreedom #NoTowelsTuesday



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